If queso is liquid gold then what does that make Kettle Cooked Queso Potato Chips? May we suggest:THE JACKPOT!

When our co-founder and sister, Veronica, said she and our Culinary Innovation Team were going to make a queso potato chip, we said, “Y’all are crazy! Everyone knows you can dip a chip into queso, but a Kettle Cooked Queso Potato Chip?!” Sure enough, not only did they pull off a deliciously flavorful mouthful with every chip, but, in true form, they also made them gluten free, non gmo, and yes—even dairy free, too. (From the bottom of our hearts—and stomachs!—we’re sorry we ever doubted you, Vero and C&I Team.)
Siete Small Batch Kettle Cooked Queso Potato Chips Snack
If you’ve been taking note of our latest creations, you might be thinking to yourself “So many potato chips, Siete!” Firstly, you’re not wrong. And secondly, we’re not embarrassed by our potato chip fixation—it’s our absolute pleasure to bring you Kettle Cooked Potato Chips in every flavor our family dreams of (and drools over). Because the only thing more delightful to us than snacking on these delicious potato chips ourselves is having enough flavors to offer you, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And thirdly….just kidding, there is no thirdly.

And yet, if you’re just now picking up on our potato chip obsession, here’s the backstory: We’ve been inspired by our childhood memories of snacking on potato chips from convenience stores, and papitas from mercados (that we’d often drench in lime juice and hot sauce,mmm). Our nostalgia around these finger-lickin’ snacks encouraged us to get in the kitchen to innovate, and we eventually landed on a recipe for delicious, thick, crispy and crunchy, Mexican style Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. Yes, including the recipe for these queso potato chips!

The Jackpot Siete Small Batch Kettle Cooked Queso Potato Chips

Which brings us, here, to the Small Batch situation: Our Kettle Cooked Queso Potato Chips (re: “The Jackpot”) are only available for a limited time. So, we encourage any intrigued potato chip lovers and queso collectors to see what all our hype is about before they are all snagged by extremely sneaky and extremely real Queso Leprechauns. They may be small, but boy they’re hungry!

Finally, in queso cheese is not your speed, stay tuned for the next Small Batch! We think it might make you want to dance the cha cha, cumbia, or even the salsa...