Introducing our Newest Flavor-Forward Tortilla Chips -

Heading into 2020, our family has got some resolutions—“new year, new flavors,” are we right? Introducing two newcomers to our grain free line of flavor-forward chips: Jalapeño Lime and Chipotle BBQ! 

Lime-lovers will rejoice in the homage to our classic lime tortilla chips, mixed with our love for all things jalapeño-y, to create Grain Free Jalapeño Lime Tortilla Chips. Margarita and guac fans, we challenge you: try to resist a chip made with this flavor-palate! And, for those who become nostalgic at the words “barbecue,” “cook-out,” and “carne asada,” our Grain Free Chipotle BBQ Chips are for you––if we close our eyes while eating these chips, we can imagine the weekend breeze in our hair, and the soft crackle of food on the backyard grill.

As advocates for tasty foods that are made with clean ingredients, we always aim to create and share foods that tick all the boxes, while still being nostalgic to friends and family. Both of these chips take us to evenings in the backyard, surrounded by friends and family at a carne asada. And, what festivity is complete without guacamole and margaritas? Now that we have captured these memories and flavors in these chips, we may never have to know! 

While there’s plenty (plenty!) of ways to enjoy our chips, we think you might find some inspiration in the product descriptions below. Our newest, flavor-packed, tortilla chips are available for purchase starting November 11, 2019 in HEB, and nationwide in Whole Foods Market in January 2020. 

Jalapeño Lime - Ever wonder what the difference between “kindred love” and “kindled love” is? With our Grain Free Jalapeño Lime Tortilla Chips in hand, we think we may have uncovered a smoldering clue. With a subtle, suave heat from the jalapeño and the tempered zest of a lime, our love grows stronger as we eat these chips, like they’ve been a part of the familia all along. Plus, the coupling of these two ingredients is second to none, as they’ve given way to margaritas and guacamole, and now these chips. And that, my friends, is what we call a “kindred, kindled kind of love.”

Chipotle BBQ - Let’s talk about barbecue. As an activity, barbecues, also known ascarne asadas where we grew up, inspire a “come one, come all” mentality, where friends, family, and neighbors alike gather around open flames and savory seasoning. Barbecue, as a flavor, is nostalgic of weekend gatherings and smoky chipotle-pepper glazes. And, as a chip, our Grain Free Chipotle Barbecue Tortilla chips are the result of our Mexican-American roots, and Tex-Mex flavor-craze. These chips have a hazy heat, but just enough to suggest you kick your feet up, and dream of barbecue for days. 

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