Introducing our new line of Refried Beans! -

It's Time to spill the BEANS... 

Siete Foods Vegan Refried Pinto and Black Beans Image

Introducing: Siete Refried Beans!  


Beans have a special place at our table and a nostalgic place in our hearts. We remember being greeted by the savory aroma from a fresh pot of frijoles at our grandma’s house, scooping heaping servings onto our plates with fajitas and tortillas at carne asadas, and enjoying fresh bean and egg tacos in the mornings! They're a staple in our household and a significant part of our Mexican heritage. Now, we’ve made our own Refried Beans to share with you and your familia, too! 


Our canned Refried Beans are made with clean and simple ingredients like organic beans and avocado oil for all to enjoy! Which is to say that anyone who has been missing out on beans can once again enjoy: the savory aroma of beans heating on the stove, the flavorful simplicity of beans wrapped in a tortilla, the fun of beans as dip, and of course, the convenience and ease of adding them to tortillas, nachos, tostadas, tamales—whatever your heart desires!


Get the scoop on our two flavors below:


Refried Black Beans 

Siete Foods Refried Black Beans


Our Vegan Refried Black Beans are perfect for dipping, scooping, and adding some mighty rich flavor and Santana-smooth texture to just about anything—from tostadas and tamales to nachos and tortillas. They’re made with a list of simple ingredients, like organic black beans and avocado oil. Wait… Did you just find the missing link to your perfect taco night? Can we get a “cool beans!”



Refried Pinto Beans 

Siete Foods Refried Pinto Beans


Our Grandma Campos always had a fresh pot of beans on the stove that we'd serve alongside rice, with our fajitas, for breakfast, and (our favorite) in her famous bean tacos! Inspired by these memories, where beans sat in the middle of our table, we made our Vegan Refried Pinto Beans with simple ingredients like avocado oil and organic beans—as well as all the flavor of an abuelita’s cooking! We’re excited to share them, so they can be at the heart of your table, too. 


Ready to dig in? You can find our Refried Beans at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Walmart, and (suggested retail price) $2.49!


Here are a couple ways our familia will be using our new beans:


Fajitas & Bean Tacos

Siete Foods Fajita and Beans Tacos Recipe Image



Crunchy Bean Taco Wraps

Siete Foods Crunchy Taco Wrap Recipe Image



Chorizo Bean Dip

Siete Foods Chorizo Bean Dip Recipe Image



Black Bean Enfrijoladas

Siete Foods Black Bean Enfrijoladas Recipe Image



Bean Tostadas

Siete Foods Vegan Black Bean Tostadas Recipe Image

Juntos es Mejor,

The Siete Familia