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Celebrating our culture takes many forms: music, food, dancing, art, language, and more. In this case, in honor of our heritage and our wonderful community, we are spotlighting a few creatives who inspire us with their work and their art forms.

We admire each of these individuals and their craft, and we present their amazing stories down below!


Carmen Rangel

Carmen Rangel is a Mexican-American painter whose artwork inspires us (which is why we partnered with her to create this year's edition of our seasonal Grain Free Mini Buñuelos packaging)! Carmen is a multimedia artist and muralist local to Austin who is known for her bright and lively creations. She has spent the last decade creating art that raises awareness of social causes and focuses on exploring culture, inclusive representation, and depicting nature. 


Siete Foods Carmen Rangel Meet the Artist


Buñuelos Packaging Carmen Rangel Artist Spotlight



Liz Hernandez

Liz Hernandez is a Mexican-American, Emmy-nominated journalist, tv personality, and broadcaster. She has reported for and worked with Access Hollywood, E! News, and MTV. She is also the founder of Wordaful, a video and live event series that focuses on the power of words, their meanings, and what they do for people and the ways we communicate. From affirmation cards for kids and adults to events with guest speakers and inspirational messaging, Liz has a mastery for using words to create beautiful messages. 




Justin Favela

Justin Favela is a Latinx artist from Las Vegas who makes large-scale installations, sculptures, and pieces using familiar and accessible materials like tissue paper—often piñata style! He celebrates his Chicano identity through his work and makes art that speaks to his community. Each of his pieces and displays shed light on aspects of society, serve as cultural commentary, and often reference pop culture and art history. Justin was the 2018 recipient of the Alan Turing LGBTIQ Award for International Artist, and he is also a podcast host and an author!

Justin Favela Art Photo
Justin Favela Art Photo



Patty Rodriguez

Patty Rodriguez is an entrepreneur, producer, and radio personality. She was on On Air with Ryan Seacrest for years before she left to pursue other passions. One of these was Lil’ Libros, a children's publishing company that she co-founded with her friend, Ariana Stein. Lil' Libros honors and celebrates Latin American culture and figures—like Frida Kahlo and Celia Cruz—using both English and Spanish! Patty also is the founder of MALA by Patty Rodriguez, her very own line of jewelry. 

Lil Libros Patty Rodriguez L.A. Times Photo

(Photo from L.A. Times)

Patty Rodriguez & Ariana Stein Lil Libros Image

(Photo from Latino Victory)



Casa Xali

Casa Xali was founded by Ariela and Arie and sells handmade crafts made by artisans in Mexico. We have partnered with them to create embroidered towels and aprons, and we are always blown away by the care they put into making each individual item. Casa Xali's mission is to start a chain of positive events by partnering with local artisans, bridging small pueblos to big cities and empowering communities to share and preserve their unique crafts and talents. They also donate 5% of all their proceeds to RAICES—an organization that defends immigrant and refugee rights.