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As a Mexican-American family, we cherish coming together to celebrate Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a Mexican holiday that honors loved ones who have passed away. The holiday takes place on the 1st and 2nd of November and celebrates the reunion of loved ones, living and dead. Traditionally, families set up ofrendas in their homes and decorate cemeteries with marigold blooms, bright decorations, and lots of food. 

There are many different ways to celebrate this holiday, but our Siete family celebrates by building our very own ofrenda at our office each year. An ofrenda is an altar, or an"offering," that is assembled to honor family, friends, and furry friends who have passed away. We fill ours with photos and a variety of objects—from mementos, candles, and marigolds to our loved ones' favorite snacks, meals, and possessions. 

Here's is a video and some photos of the ofrendas that our familia has built in past years: 


@sietefoods In celebration of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), our family put up an ofrenda (an altar) to honor those who came before us. On our ofrenda, we placed marigolds and calaveras (skulls), and our culinary even made our entire Siete family delicious grain free Pan de Muerto (a Mexican sweet bread that is traditional to Día de los Muertos)! This tradition gives us a special opportunity to remember our loved ones who have passed on but are never forgotten. ❤️ #sietefoods #heritage #diademuertos #diadelosmuertos #mexicanamerican #latinxbusiness ♬ son original - kaedoux



Siete Foods Día de los Muertos Office Ofrenda


We also bake gluten free Pan de Muerto (the Bread of the Dead), a pastry specific to Día de los Muertos, to enjoy and place on top of our ofrenda. In traditional Día de los Muertos celebrations, the belief is that loved ones who have passed on will come back to visit and reunite with the living. Pan de Muerto serves as a physical offering to the dead—a form of sustenance for them to enjoy at the end of their journey to visit. Symbolic of this belief, the design on top of Pan de Muerto resembles bones, and its round shape represents the cycle of life. 

Siete Foods Pan de Muerto Photo

This year, along with our ofrenda and Pan de Muerto making, we hosted a drive-in movie night as part of our celebrations, too. Our familia watched Disney's Coco, which beautifully showcases the holiday, while enjoying a variety of food and drinks. 

It was a great opportunity for us to gather in community and watch a movie that our familia holds dear to our hearts. Coco demonstrates the ways that Día de los Muertos transforms mourning into a celebration of family members who are gone but never forgotten. 

Mil gracias to Tamale House, Comadre Panadería, Hijita Co, Bawi Agua Frescas, and CocoAndre Chocolatier for providing us with all of our delicious sips and eats! And, of course, extra special thank you to Blue Starlite Drive-In for hosting us and making this event possible with their wonderful event space.

¡Feliz Día de los Muertos!