A Siete Telenovela: Halloween Edition - Sietefoods.com

We know what you’re thinking, “What’s a telenovela got to do with Halloween?” Well. That’s a great question. Maybe nothing, but maybe, just maybe we wanted to combine two things we love (telenovelas and Siete scares), and level-up by setting our telenovela in The House of Torment. Just spitballin’ theories here.

A haunted house may be the last place you’d expect to see these passionate tortilla lovers, but alas—we are in the month of spook!  While this might not be the love story you were expecting, it does give you all the thrills and chills of a midnight fright. 

On this episode of A Siete Telenovela, we see starry-eyed Jamie and her trusty compañero, Nicolás, face their fears head-on, in the name of love. The big takeaway? Love may make cowards and clowns of us, but it is not a House of Torment!