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Carnitas and Chorizo Seasonings Mix Pack

Carnitas and Chorizo Seasonings Mix Pack - 6 Pack


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Want to try both of our new seasonings? Now you can get both so sharing is even easier. Contains 3 packs of Carnitas Slow Cooker Spice and 3 packs of Chorizo Skillet Cooking Spice.

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What is the shelf life of Tortillas and Tortillas Chips?

Tortillas Keep 'n Care:

Our products are 100% preservative-free, so they're best kept refrigerated or frozen. If placed in refrigerated unopened, they will keep for 21 days; if opened and stored in the fridge, please consume within 7 days. If you're not hungry for tortillas right now, or if you're stockpiling them for a zombie apocalypse, then they'll last even longer in the freezer (three months).


Tortilla Chip Keep 'n Care:

Our grain free tortilla chips are best consumed by the expiration date. Be sure to store opened bags of tortilla chips with a chip-clip to ensure maximum tastiness.

How long does it take to ship orders?


In order to maintain freshness, we ship our tortillas Monday - Thursday with ice packs in curbside recyclable (Class 7) foam insulated coolers. Orders received after 12pm central time on Thursday will be shipped the following week. Orders received after 1p.m. will be shipped the following business day.

FedEx 2-day shipping is FREE with all orders.


Tortilla Chips, Hot Sauce, Seasoning, Taco Shells

We ship our dry items out Monday - Friday. Orders received after 1p.m. will be shipped the following business day. Orders received after 12pm CST on Friday will be shipped the following week.

Ground shipping is FREE with all chip orders.

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Are your products keto?

While we are here to support your wellness journey, we don’t make claims that our food is approved for the keto diet. We suggest that you consult your dietician or nutritionist to ensure that our foods are right for you.

For those who like to use tortillas as their carb-fix, our tortilla with the lowest carb count is the Grain Free Almond Flour Tortilla; it has 10g of carbs per tortilla, or 20g of carbs per serving (2 tortillas).

If you’d like to see us make keto products, please send us your new product suggestions at

What is the best way to heat up my hard taco shells?

Taco-making is an exquisite art, isn't it? We are happy to share an integral part of this art--heating your hard taco shells! Make sure to get them nice and crispy by:

1. Preheating the oven to 400 F.

2. Removing the shells from plastic.

3. Separating, and placing on baking sheet, open side down.

4. Warming in oven for 2-3 minutes.

5. Enjoy!

What are your freezing/thawing recommendations for Tortillas?

What do we love more than love? Not much. But tortillas...well, that's a love story of it's own. Ready to heat things up? Start with your tortilla! And this dramatic video!


1. Heat a griddle, flat top, pan, or comal over medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes.

2. Warm tortilla for 10-15 seconds on either side (should see the tortilla rise in bubbles).

3. Enjoy!


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Marjorie A.
United States United States
Best pork shoulder seasoning!

I decided to rub the carnitas seasoning all over the pork shoulder before placing it in slow cooker. I added 1/2 c of water and set it on low for 8 hours. It was fabulous! I served it with warmed tortillas. We had leftovers for lunch the following day. It was as tasty as the evening before. The mix of seasonings is spot on. Next time we'll order the six-pack. It's that good! We've tried the chorizo seasoning on eggs, fried potatos and stir fry veggies. It has the perfect amount of spices and heat. I know I'll find more uses for this great and very different way to zip up foods. These two seasonings are another winner from Siete.

Patti G.
United States United States
AMAZING! It was super easy to shop and shipping was equally fast!

We have tried both these flavors and it was so good. I love that they are simple and clean ingredients. My family and I have tried several products from Siete and love everything! I love that I can get the big bag of chips at Costco right now. I am looking forward to being able to buy the cookies and everything else they make online soon!! They are so hard to find at my local Sprouts since it is always sold out!

United States United States

We just tried the carnitas seasoning, it is excellent. I will admit I did not follow the directions on the package though. I used the seasoning to marinate the pork overnight and then put everything in the slow cooker (I did not add any water) and set it for 8 hours. It came out tender and delicious.