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How We Built This

Sharing intimate stories about family, business, and food.

how we built this

Sharing intimate stories about family, business, and food.

Siete is a Mexican-American food brand, rooted in family,
that makes delicious grain free products.

shareable Snacks & Memorable Meals

It's our mission and our pleasure to bring shareable snacks and memorable meals to you and your family, made from the heritage-inspired foods our family gathers around.  

bundles, bundles, bundles

Solving problems for you is always on our minds. So we created bundles to make life easier (and tastier!) for you and your family.

March small batch

Our family believes good things come in small batches.
But for those who like to see, smell, feel, and (especially) taste it before they believe it, we’re prepared to delight your socks off with this month’s
Siete Small Batch: Kettle Cooked Chile Lime Potato Chips!
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Grain Free • Dairy Free • Gluten Free • Paleo • Heritage Inspired

 Made from only three simple ingredients, we were immediately transported to the vibrant and bustling marketplace upon enjoying this dairy free cajeta with our Grain Free Churro Strips, and hope you will be, too!⁠
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