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Siete is a Mexican-American food brand, rooted in family, that makes delicious Heritage-Inspired products.

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celebrating the stories of our latinx community

Our heritage and hyphens are what makes us who we are. We’re thrilled to celebrate awesome individuals in our Latinx community who are sharing the stories of how their heritage and hyphens inspire their craft.

Heritage-Inspired: Featuring CocoAndré

Chocolate is a part of our culture, dating back to the Aztecs. We use our chocolates and creations to reaffirm these connections in our lineage that have been blurred by the world of confections.” - CocoAndré Chocolatier

Heritage-Inspired: Featuring Adriene Mishler

“My cultural hyphen reminds me life is about understanding who you are. It’s advocating for the burnt tortilla. Grandma’s cooking, grandpa’s mustache, praying, dancing, strong hugs, the deep bellowing laugh of a Martinez.” - Adriene Mishler

Heritage-Inspired: Featuring Edgar Ulysses Rico

Throughout my life, there have been experiences that have reaffirmed my destiny in maiz. It’s the star and the foundation for everything we serve, and I am proud to be able to use an ingredient that has been such a historic building block to Mexican culture.” - Edgar Ulysses Rico

Heritage-Inspired: Featuring Soledad Fernandez-Whitechurch

I am as hyphenated as they come... My name is hyphenated, marrying the stories of my mother and father's families. It's also a combination of Spanish and English last names, which I suppose was kind of prophetic.” - Soledad Fernandez-Whitechurch

Heritage-Inspired: Featuring Tiarra Girls

”Our hyphen is a bridge that connects us to our duality of our identity. It glues us to the amor y fuerza that our family was founded on. It feels like living in two unique worlds that leave the journey and rules up to you.” - Tiarra Girls

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