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Avocado Oil

Expeller-pressed avocado oil is made by putting a bunch of avocado pulp (the green part of the guacamole) into a press until the pulp separates from the oil. The oil is then passed through a screen and another screen, until you’re left with pure liquid joy. It’s a simple process with delicious results.

The oil, which has a mild avocado-y, grassy flavor, is unique vis-à-vis plant-based oils in that it has an incredibly high smoke point. Avocado oil is just starting to get a feel for the place by the time other oils have evaporated into the air. This allows it to retain its health benefits and authentic flavor at a higher temperatures than other oils even dare reach. Speaking of health benefits, avocado oil has been linked to enhanced function and protection of brain mitochondria1. Full-functioning mitochondria are crucial to the prevention of diabetes-associated neurological conditions.

Like the other fats that we use, avocado oil is packed with “the good fats”. 80% of the fat in avocados is oleic acid2, otherwise known as Omega-9. Omega-9s are a natural defense against excess glucose in the bloodstream and, therefore, are an excellent way to prevent against diabetes and eat well doing it.

Importantly, we’ve also taken steps to ensure the elimination of rancidity in the oils that we use with light-protection, proper-use protocols, and temperature guarding. Using high-temperature or light exposed oils would certainly be easier and cheaper, but it would ruin the taste of your tortillas. We choose to use better tasting and healthier oils because we know you can tell the difference.


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