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Siete Fuego Nomadix Towel

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Tell us—where do you go on those hot summer days when it feels like everything is on fire? To the pool, of course! (Or the nearest body of water, even if it's just your bathtub, perhaps.) Ahhh, such a refreshing plunge. But now what? We're glad you asked. Our best answer comes in the form of our arms held wide, holding this super soft, absorbent towel out to you. Designed to resemble our Grain Free Fuego Tortilla Chips, this towel is a reliable summer companion to help you beat the heat and stay cool, in-style. Hey, some might even say you're on fuego.

Towel made by Nomadix. Made from recycled materials.

Dimensions: 72" (6 ft) x 30" (2.6 ft)