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Why Pastured Pork Lard?

Why Pastured Pork Lard?

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, "Why do you use pastured pork lard in your Cassava & Coconut Tortillas?"

We like to tell people, if you’re pro-bacon, then you’ll love Siete Cassava & Coconut Tortillas. If you’re anti-bacon, then we also make two amazing vegan tortilla options: Almond Flour and Cassava & Chia. It’s a priority for us to make tortillas that fit well into a variety of diets and lifestyles.   

The simplest answer to the question about using pastured pork lard is that in Mexico homemade flour tortillas are made with rendered pork fat or la manteca. That's how our Grandma Campos made them for us in our family kitchen. Lard is also used in many other traditional Mexican dishes, including frijoles, tamales, and empanadas. If you’re a fan of tacos al pastor, carnitas, or chorizo, you know that savory pork is fundamental to Mexican cuisine. (Fun Fact: lard is from pigs, tallow is from beef, schmaltz is from chicken, and duck fat is from ducks.)

At Siete Family Foods, our aim is to make delicious, grain free Mexican food that answers the question, "What would our grandmother make if she had access to the same ingredients and information that we do?" Our Cassava & Coconut tortillas are a tribute to our heritage and an evolution of the tortillas she used to make for us. They are grain free and made with ethically-raised, nutrient-dense, high-quality pork fat.

Pasture-raised animals tend to produce higher quality meat, milk, and fat, and pastured pork lard is particularly rich in Vitamin D. The white, creamy, flavorful lard that we use is kettle-rendered, non-hydrogenated, and safely handled and shipped.

Photo courtesy of our good friends at EPIC, who make some of the highest-quality pork lard available to consumers!

The heritage breed pigs used to produce the lard are fed non-GMO food and are free to roam in green pastures, roll in mud, and search for treats like nuts and berries.

We understand that Siete Cassava & Coconut Tortillas made with Pastured Pork Lard aren’t for everyone. However, our genuine hope is that at least one (or more!) of our delicious, grain free offerings will allow you to enjoy Mexican food again.