Siete Small Batch: Chickpea Totopos -

After learning the ropes of nixtamalization and stone grinding corn from our friends over at Nixta Taqueria, we got a little snazzy with it. Because we love using innovative ingredients to make foods we enjoy (like homemade tortilla chips!), we created this Small Batch. Now introducing our limited-edition, nostalgic snack:


Chickpea Totopos (Tortilla Chips!)


Siete Small Batch Chickpea Totopos (Tortilla Chips) Lifestyle Image


Our Small Batch Chickpea Totopos are a nod to the fresh, crunchy, homemade tortilla chips enjoyed in homes, restaurants, and markets throughout Mexico. Traditionally, totopos are hand-cut tortilla chips made from corn, but these are made with nixtamalized chickpeas and fried in our usual avocado oil to be delicious, flavor-rich, and nostalgic.


Siete Small Batch Chickpea Totopos (Tortilla Chips) Ingredient Image


Think: thick, airy, and crunchy! Perfect for dipping in your favorite salsas and dips, using as the base for nacho and panchos, making chilaquiles, and sprinkling in tortilla soup. (Plus, they taste real good dipped in our new Vegan Refried Ranchero & Vegan Charro Beans! 😉 )

Shop here—available while supplies last. We hope you're hungry!