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This has bean the hardest secret to keep from you, our familia—now introducing Siete Sprouted Bean Dip!

We remember the joy of walking into Grandma Campos’ house and being greeted by the warm, savory aroma of frijoles. It’s a smell that takes us back to a time where we, as children, ran around the house while beans simmered on the stovetop. To a time where family and friends gathered together around Grandma’s bean tacos. Respectively, beans have a nostalgic place at our table at family gatherings.

As a family, however, we discovered very early on that some of us had trouble digesting beans (if you know what we mean). And since there was bean dip at all the parties, we needed a bean dip solution that let us stay and enjoy the fiesta without any—you guessed it—pressure. So our sister, Veronica, experimented with traditional cooking methods, like soaking and sprouting, and found that she could have beans after all!

For our new bean dip, we chose: pinto beans because they were a beloved staple in our diet growing up, and a simple list of trustworthy ingredients that will tickle your tastebuds.

Made from pinto beans, coconut oil, jalapeño, paprika, and other whole food ingredients, this dip is mighty rich in flavor, and Santana-smooth in texture. We’d add them to most anything: chips, tortillas, tacos, nachos—whatever your heart desires, really.

If you’re thinking, “Where has this bean all my life?” We couldn’t agree more!

You can find our Sprouted Bean Dip at Whole Foods Markets nationwide. Check out our store locator below to find Siete near you!