Meet the Artist Behind Our Buñuelos Packaging: Carmen Rangel -

Siete Foods Meet the Artist Carmen Rangel
Carmen Rangel Artist Highlight Photo Siete Foods Buñuelos
Carmen Rangel is a Mexican-American painter whose work inspires us (which is why we partnered with her to create this year's edition of our seasonal Grain Free Mini Buñuelos packaging)! Carmen is a multimedia artist and muralist local to Austin who is known for her bright and lively creations. She has spent the last decade creating art that raises awareness of social causes and focuses on exploring culture, inclusive representation, and depicting nature. She works to visually communicate ideas through art and empower others to tap into their own creativity.  Fun Fact: Austin locals may recognize her work on the beautiful South/North Lamar underpass (right before arriving at the Whole Foods flagship store).
Buñuelos Packaging 2022 Siete Foods Artist Highlight
Our Grain Free Mini Buñuelos are so special to us because buñuelos are a holiday tradition that dates back generations for our family!  We wanted our packaging to reflect this tradition, so we collaborated with Carmen, a talented Latina artist who also shares memories of making foods like tamales and buñuelos with her mom at the holidays. Being from Texas and Mexican-American, Carmen put her own twist on this year's beautiful bag, and we could not be happier with the result. 


Throughout the bag, you can find a variety of motifs and icons that are reminiscent of the decorative tin ornaments that Carmen grew up seeing at her family's holiday gatherings. For example, the hand with the heart in the middle signifies giving and receiving love! 

In Her Own Words

"My favorite part of the holiday season was when my siblings and I would pile into the car for the long drive to Guanajuato, Mexico to visit family. Once there, our festivities would begin. We'd gather as a community to visit posadas with entrancing lights and decorations, and ultimately end our night with treats for the kids and a glass of ponche!"
Siete Foods x Carmen Rangel Holiday Decor Buñuelos