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May 05, 2019

On the outside wall of our cafe, in cursive pink and navy letters, is “Juntos es Mejor.”

It directly translates to “Together is Better,” but the sentiment transcends to our Siete familia culture:

Siete Family Foods like familia

We treat one another like family.

Inspired by the Garza family culture, we put “family first, family second, business third.” Around here, family isn’t just relatives. It’s everyone who walks in and out of our work place, our play space, our casa. (It’s also you, who we wish to connect with, and invite into the Siete story, as though we are all sitting around the same table, creating our very own family historia.) Family is the people we surround ourselves with, keep in hearts, and make everyday gratifying and fun.


Siete Sharing Stories

We respect and value different perspectives and stories.

We share stories. Sometimes it’s the story of Siete, sometimes it’s our own stories, and sometimes it’s the story of people who visit and inspire us. It’s a prevalent part of our culture that we use as an invitation to connect. We share stories with the hopes of encouraging and empowering people to share their own.


Siete Helping Hands 

We are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Between all of us, we wear a few different hats: mamma bear, gym guru, music maven, prankster brother, barista buff, kitchen magician, broadway enthusiast, closet comedian, etc. But the one hat that we all share is the "familia hat," which symbolizes our readiness to drop everything to help one another. No matter the problem, it’s all hands—hats—on deck.  


Siete Love Together 

We love fiercely, and journey together.

As the Garza family did when Veronica adopted a grain free diet, we band together and support each other with love, always. At the end of the day, our greatest victories are less about the final outcome, and more about coming together in the name of love.


Siete Hospitality 

We value hospitality, and enjoy inviting others into our home.

We want to get to know you over Topo Chicos, cold brew, or a home cooked meal. We want to invite you into the landscape of our day: work, workouts, music, and play. If you leave feeling like you’ve just shared an inside joke with us, well. We’d call that a good day.


Siete Everyone's Invited 

We’ve got room for everyone at our table, and everyone’s invited.

Our familia creates heritage inspired foods that we want to share with you and your loved ones. We hope to inspire all of your meals to be a salute to good food and inclusivity, where dietary conditions have no bearing on your RSVP.

 Siete We Celebrate

We celebrate.

Blessings come in all different shapes, places, guises and sizes. And we try to (count and) celebrate them! To us, celebrating means food, music, and festivities, but, most of all, it means gathering. Coming together under papel picado, around a carne asada, and near the ones we love. Whether we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, a birthday, a yummy meal, or a small success, we are grateful for any chance to create new family traditions, and lasting memories together.

Al final: we gather, create, share and enjoy with family, friends, and neighbors because Juntos es Mejor. This is what we live by, and wish to put out into the world.

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