Cinco Con Siete -

April 29, 2021

If you've ever joined us or an event, virtually or here in Austin, you may have noticed our family's love for gathering—and all the delicious food, hearty laughs, and memorable meals that our family cherishes. Among all the many feasts and celebrations that mark our family's gathering-culture, is one occasion we call "Cinco con Siete." For those of you we haven't been able to share a meal with (yet!), you might be wondering: "What is Cinco con Siete" and, "How can I join in?" We're glad you asked.

Cinco con Siete is...

When the warm months roll around, our family can be found outside, around a grill, soaking in the summer sun and the smoky aromas of a carne asada. Friends and family gather in backyards to celebrate togetherness, and the rich cultures and traditions of our Mexican-American heritage through food, music, and dance. To our family, good weather, good food, and good company is as good of a reason as any (and we mean any!) to come together and celebrate our culture.

Cinco con Siete 2019

Our Mexican-American culture can be described as living “the hyphen.” The hyphen is our symbolic way of explaining that our family and brand culture is not strictly Mexican or American, but rather a combination of the two.

Inspired by the Garza family’s traditions and values, our hyphen is expressed through the heritage-inspired foods we make, the reasons we gather, and the ways we celebrate. On any given day, it’s: barbacoa tacos, listening to Natalia LaFourcade, sipping on café con leche, and spending time with family. During Cinco con Siete, it’s: community carne asadas; papel picado, fireflies, and violet skies; dancing and singing cumbias all night. 

Cinco con Siete with the Tiarra Girls

We’re grateful for our hyphen, and live it everyday. It’s at the roots of what we do and who we are. It’s fundamental to our philosophy of inclusion, through which we invite you (now and always) to join us at the table, and be a part of our cultural celebration. 

Cinco con Siete at the Table 2019


Our family likes to honor traditions through food, and Cinco con Siete is no different. Delicious food, after all, is the vehicle and catalyst for all of our Siete gatherings. 

Cinco con Siete Dinner 2019

In the winter months, for example, our family comes together around buñuelos, coffee, and hot chocolate. When summer strolls around, we enjoy having fajita tacos, chips ‘n guac, and a refreshing agua fresca, Topo Chico, or paloma in hand.

Cinco con Siete Carne Asada

Aside from the tasty and tantalizing food, however, we believe the most important part of any meal is being together with family and friendssharing laughs and swapping stories; we think of meals as a celebration of togetherness, since togetherness is our family’s way of life. As we like to say, Juntos es Mejor, together is better!

Cinco con Siete Juntos es Mejor
Although we can't gather together like we normally would this year, we want you to know that we've saved a seat for you in spirit, at our tables and in our hearts. And, in case you'd like to join us from the comforts of your own home, we've lined up a couple Cinco con Siete staples to share with you.

  1. Our super festive and extremely danceable Cinco con Siete Spotify Playlist:

  2.  Several recipes that you might enjoy putting on your menu:

We look forward to spending time with our family around the table, and hope that includes you, too, soon! In the meantime, we hope you dance to the sounds of a Siete summer gathering, come together over your favorite foods, and celebrate with the ones you love.

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