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Around here, we elect to keep the meals well-done, but we like to keep the conversations raw and real. Which is why, arguably one of the coolest parts of Café con Siete is the opportunity to get to know artists in a more intimate environment. So, when Good Field showed up, we were delighted to hear the four fellas play their songs in a stripped down performance, and get to know them, Siete-style.

We readily admit and own our tendency to be inquisitive—to want to know more about our guests. Good Field, as they took center stage (or rather, the corner of our cafe), assumed their places as talented musicians, but also as an easy-going group of guys who have a thing or two to say about retreating to west Texas, finding some seriously cool vintage gear, and even dropping our 2014 almond flour tortilla a line. And, although we loved the moment when they cited Beyonce, Pink Floyd, John Coltrane, and Tom Petty as musicians they would love to perform with if they could, we were so grateful that it was that Good Field that shared their Friday afternoon with us.

Paul Price, Esteban Cruz, Michael McLeod, and Kyle “The Smile” Robertson spoke about how Good Field formed in the Austin music scene six years ago, and have been playing together since. From their third and latest album, “Surface Tension,” they performed “Business,” “Ordinary People,” and “Sometimes.” When we asked them about the spirit and inspiration of the album, Michael said, “A lot of the times we think of the music corresponding with a road trip or, like, the windows rolled down and the sun shining—you can feel the breeze, and I think that it impacts the way we play. And that’s why we tend to follow these grooves where you can sit there and cruise with them and they go on for a little longer than you might think so you can settle in like a ride.” “1980’s Toyota PickUp Trucks, too,” Paul added.

We felt honored when they shared their final, unreleased song, “Eyes of Man” with us; a song that was about “View[ing] the world through the eyes of a man that’s in love.” Thanks to Good Field, we did, and we loved it.

Mil gracias for coming, Good Field! We enjoyed our taco luncheon together, and we hope to see you around ATX town.

Good Field

Good Field

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