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Ramona Radford
Ramona Radford

February 16, 2021

You can’t possibly know how happy I was to find your wonderful Grain-Free, Salt Free Tortillo Chips. Then non-gluten, unsweetened, and non-GMO and great taste?…amazing! For someone who is on a very restricted diet this is plain out heaven. I’m on The Kaufmann Diet, due to a systemic infection, and also have to stay extremely low sodium. My 6-bag tortilla order is due to arrive today and I can hardly wait! Haven’t been able to find the unsalted ones in any of our local stores in Indianapolis and surrounding counties for months. I truly wish you had your tortillo shells, and particularly dip chips, in an unsalted option too. There are so many of us who would be blessed, I assure you. I used to be in charge of a large advertising department in Indy, so I’m dead sure if you’re not selling many of anything unsalted and no grain it’s due to lack of advertising…they just don’t know you’re out there! I stumbled onto these accidentally myself. Thank you so very much for what you are providing for those of us who are health conscious — by voice or by necessity…what a life changer! Perfection all the way around!

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